topvenue benefits



Planning. TOPVenue assists your planning team in developing and validating event and emergency plans, resulting in the identification of gaps in resources and training. Users are able to simulate unlimited functional scenarios such as ingress, egress, crowd flow, evacuation, and sheltering to experiment and explore various planning options.

Training & Exercise. TOPVenue helps define appropriate roles and responsibilities, allowing users to customize training plans and sharing venue-specific needs with event staff and stakeholders. TOPVenue runs the “What-IF” scenarios that can be encountered during any event and is intended to serve as a road map for organizations to use to continually make improvements.

Operations. TOPVenue addresses operational needs such as estimating queue times and crowd flows, identifying resource requirements, maximizing the effectiveness of signage and asset positioning, as well as optimizing commercial areas and retail locations within a venue or event. By addressing these needs, operations and processes can be both tested and validated.